Hello Boston

As some of you might know I’m Ken Watson, owner of Watson Hardwood Floors.

Since 1975 I’ve specialized in refinishing residential hardwood floors in and around the Greater Boston area.

Visit my website www.WatsonHardwoodFloors.com for more info about my business and me.

And keep checking back here for updates about hardwood floors and pictures of my work.

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Hardwood Floor Weston, MA 3D Foyer

Here are some pictures of a hardwood floor I finished in a Foyer in Weston MA.  I did not stain this floor.  I simply finished them with polyurethane.

The 3D look to the floor is due to the three species of wood used in it.  They are also in the ceiling above the foyer.  We built scaffolding in the foyer for me to coat the ceiling.  I’ve never worked upside down before.  I guess I know how Michelangelo felt.   The wood species were Maple, Walnut, and Cumaroo.

I also refinished the stairs and handrails.  There was so much hand sanding on the handrails I had no finger prints for months.

For more on Watson Hardwood Floors or refinishing your hardwood floors visit my website at www.WatsonHardwoodFloors.com

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